A jQuery plugin made during 'Cave Day' - Jan 15th, 2017
by Eve Weinberg

I have all three different sparkles on hover!!

Rollover me to see the default options.

or me! images can appear!
any image you WANT!

I have gravity!

🙁 I have nothing. 🙁

How to use it:

download the plugin here

Add it to your html, and also add jQuery if you do not already have it

Instantiate it on any object, using jQuery:


Parametize it!

      colors : ['#297E97', "#2EB8D5",'#36BEC1'],
      num_sprites: 22,
      lifespan: 3000,
      radius: 500,
      sprite_size: 40,
      shape: 'circle',
      image: ''


Options are: